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Complete Lawn Care and So Much More

Get professional service and insights from a dedicated team that cares about your home and our ecosystem.

Plant Health Care

Fertilization, insect and disease control for all of your trees, shrubs and outdoor plants.

Tick & Mosquito Control

Protect your family and pets from biting pests with ecofriendly alternatives.

Perimeter Pest Control

Protect your home’s perimeter from ants, and other invading pests with greener solutions.

Optimized Lawn Care

Control weeds and insects while feeding your lawn the nutrients it needs to thrive.

What Are Your Lawn Care Service Needs?

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Lawn Fertilization

Lawn fertilization is the best way to replenish depleted nutrients in the soil. Establishing a good carbon-nitrogen balance gives your lawn the tools it needs to grow its strongest, greenest blades rooted deeply and firmly in the Earth. Lawn fertilization is even better when you do it the way we do: with nature in mind. Nourish your grass from beneath the soil surface for greener, cleaner grass and a more balanced sustainable environment. 

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Organic Lawn Treatments

You can enjoy beautiful results like this Byfield lawn without exposing your kids, pets, and ecosystem to the harsh chemicals that traditional lawn care companies use. Take time to establish a more natural local ecosystem with better soil health and happier plants through regular organic lawn treatments. Your kids, pets, and grass will thank you!

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Soil Health Applications

Your lawn’s health begins beneath the surface of the soil, but many homeowners don’t consider soil health when troubleshooting unhealthy grass. Get to know your soil's nutrient profile with a soil health test, then deliver the soil amendments your soil needs to grow deeply rooted, healthy grass. 

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Aeration & Overseeding

Most homes will require aeration and overseeding at least annually, in order to establish and maintain consistent growth throughout the lawn. Our aeration and overseeding experts know exactly which grass seed you need, when to plant, how to water, and more. Let our experts aerate, overseed, and educate you about best planting practices this year.

 Find Out What Your Lawn Needs to Thrive

Not sure where to begin? Get in touch today and our experts will help you understand your unique lawn and which services might be best for you.


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At Green Sphere, we’re passionate about greener solutions for mosquito & tick control as well as lawn care. That’s because we’re local and we share the ecosystem that you do with our friends, families, and community. We hope to create community and educate homeowners about the safest and most effective eco-friendly solutions possible. We begin from beneath the soil surface to help you understand the health of your soil and plants, and how to improve both. We love delivering the greenest, healthiest lawns possible in Newburyport and beyond.

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Common Questions About Lawn Fertilization Services

  • What is the importance of soil health testing in lawn care services?

    Soil health testing is crucial because it provides essential information about your lawn's soil composition and nutrient levels. It helps lawn care professionals tailor a fertilization plan that meets your lawn's specific needs, ensuring optimal growth and health.

  • How does aeration and overseeding benefit my lawn, and how often should I consider this service?

    Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to improve air circulation, water penetration, and nutrient absorption. Overseeding then introduces new grass seed to fill in thin or bare areas. This service is typically recommended annually or as needed to revitalize and maintain a thick, healthy lawn.

  • What is plant health care, and why is it important for my lawn?

    Plant health care encompasses various services aimed at preventing and treating diseases, pests, and other issues that can harm your lawn's plants, shrubs, and trees. Regular plant health care inspections and treatments help protect your landscaping investment and maintain a vibrant, disease-free outdoor space.

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