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Science-Backed Tree Health Solutions


ARBORjet® Tree Injection Services

Arborjet tree injection services help protect your trees from future pests and disease by directly injecting into the trunk instead of overhead sprays. They also treat existing fungal infections and can be used to fertilize your trees. Protect, nourish, and maintain the trees you love with our ARBORjet® injection services. 


A 3-in-1 Solution for Optimal Tree Health

Fight disease and pest while nourishing your trees with the nutrients they need to thrive. This innovative, science-based service requires technical training and ecosystem knowledge that only Green Sphere can deliver.

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ARBORjet® protects your trees from pests without the mess of spraying pesticides.

ARBORjet® has specific formulations to treat destructive fungi and other diseases.

ARBORjet® can be used to fertilize your trees with nutrients for optimal growth.

What Are Your Plant Heath Care Needs?

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Pest Control

Green Sphere technicians observe the lifecycle of pests and use the spray-free precision of tree injections to target a tree’s specific needs, even in protected areas and wetlands. By eliminating the need to spray, we waste less product and protect the environment surrounding trees that need pest protection. Our experts are some of the few in the Newburyport area to be trained on ARBORjet® technology, and we’re happy to help educate homeowners about ARBORjet®s tree-inoculation technology and its amazing pest control power. 

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Disease Control

ARBORjet® treatments are formulated to protect trees from fungi, and several other diseases that might impact their growth, including but not limited to apple scab, fire blight, and beech leaf disease. If you have noticed any of your trees struggling with these diseases, we can help. Our highly trained professionals are ready to provide ARBORjet® services today

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Revive your trees’ health and reinspire them to produce fruit, flowers, and fresh air with the right balance of fertilizer, injected directly into their trunk. This science-backed technology will breathe new life into your trees and your backyard. Protect your trees, family, and pets with Arborjet fertilizer injections. 


We’re More Than Just Great Lawn Care

Our complete lawn and Plant Health Care services are rooted in our passion for creating a more balanced ecosystem. In addition to ARBORjet® injections, we offer many other Plant Health Care services:

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Learn what your garden needs, and let us deliver for happy trees & shrubs.


Arborjet Tree Injections

ARBORjet® injections are 3-in-1, technology-based solution for tree health care.

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Winter Pruning Services

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Make sure your trees, shrubs, and other plants get the full service care they need this year.


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Common Questions About ARBORjet® Tree Injections

  • What is ARBORjet® tree injection, and how does it work?

    ARBORjet® tree injection is a method of delivering nutrients, pesticides, or treatments directly into a tree's vascular system through injection ports in the trunk. This efficient and environmentally friendly technique allows for the precise delivery of substances, promoting tree health and protecting against pests or diseases.

  • What are the advantages of choosing ARBORjet® tree injection services over traditional methods like spraying or soil applications?

    ARBORjet® tree injection services offer several benefits, including reduced environmental impact, targeted treatment delivery, and faster results. It minimizes exposure to non-target species, reduces waste, and allows for the use of lower chemical volumes, making it a more sustainable and effective approach to tree care.

  • When is the best time to consider ARBORjet® tree injection services for my trees?

    The ideal timing for ARBORjet® tree injection services depends on the specific treatment or goal. Generally, treatments can be administered throughout the year, but some may be more effective during specific seasons. Consulting with a Plant Health Care professional can help determine the right timing for your tree's needs, whether it's for nutrient supplementation, pest control, or disease prevention.

Let’s Inject New Life Into Your Trees with Our ARBORjet® Expertise

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Treat your trees to the pest and disease-free growth they’re searching for with ARBORjet® injection solutions. Our experts are ready to help!


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