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Throughout the year, soil compaction can occur due to foot traffic, lawnmower use, snowfall, regular rain, and irrigation. This compaction leads to a diminished capacity for your lawn to effectively absorb nutrients. Our aeration service addresses this issue by puncturing the soil with small holes, facilitating the proper flow of nutrients and water to your root system. This process encourages healthy root expansion and strength, concurrently minimizing thatch accumulation, which otherwise depletes your yard of vital nutrients and moisture.

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Bare patches and noticeable thinning are often encountered in lawns, resulting in an uninspiring appearance and increased vulnerability to insects, weed infestations, and grass-related illnesses. Following aeration, we evenly distribute A-List seeds within the created holes, facilitating rapid growth of new grass. This method minimizes space for weed proliferation, offers protection against grass diseases and insect harm, and swiftly rejuvenates the affected areas.


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Top Dressing/Compost

You may not realize it, but your lawn is alive with microorganisms that need organic matter to thrive and feed your turf, and that’s why composting is important. The organic matter that is naturally found in compost feeds your soil’s friendly fungi and bacteria, which, in turn, help to maintain a lush, healthy lawn. Green Sphere uses only high-quality, bagged material that does not have the pungent odor you might associate with compost treatments for lawns.

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Moisture Manager

To ensure that your new seeds establish properly in your soil, we use moisture manager products. These products assist your turf roots in maintaining the water they need to flourish, even during drought and water restrictions. Studies have shown that Moisture Managers can reduce watering requirements by up to 50%, which means you'll spend less time and money on lawn watering.

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Slice Seeding

Slice seeding is a mechanical seeding method that employs vertical blades to cut small slits in the soil, ranging from 1/4" to 1/2" deep. The machine then deposits seeds into these slits to ensure solid ground contact and germination. This technique is particularly suitable for large-scale lawn renovation projects that begin from the ground up. It's also ideal for properties with shallow irrigation lines or fences that might sustain damage from aeration. With slice seeding, you won't have soil plugs scattered across your lawn, which can be an appealing advantage of this method for lawn maintenance.