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Perimeter Pest Control Services in Newburyport and Beyond


Protect Your Homes’ Perimeter from Pesky Pests this Year

Enjoy a pest-free spring and summer next year with our perimeter pest control services. Get started today or learn more about our eco-responsible pest control methods.


Greener, More Effective Pest Control Around the Perimeter of Your Home

Our licensed technicians treat the ground and barrier around the perimeter of your home, eliminating existing pests and preventing new ones from invading. We’ll treat and help prevent ant infestations in your home and lawn, with greener, more eco-friendly products.


Stop Pests in Their Tracks

Perimeter pest control is a highly effective method aimed at fortifying the defense of your home against unwanted pests, such as ants and spiders. Applied to the exterior of your residence, this proactive approach not only shields the inside of your house but also secures your outdoor spaces. Expert technicians meticulously spray the foundation and a controlled area around your property. By eradicating existing pests and creating a deterrent barrier, this treatment not only eliminates immediate problems but also acts as a preventive measure against future infestations. Additionally, this service extends to treating ant-related issues within your yard, walkways, or patio, ensuring a comprehensive solution that leaves your entire living space pest-free and comfortable.


Try Complete Pest Control With These Services

Perimeter pest control isn’t our only approach to annoying pests in the home. Combine these services for maximum eco-friendly protection from pests.

Mosquito Trap Control

Reduce mosquito populations in your outdoor living space with safe and effective IN2Care mosquito traps.

Ticks & Mosquitoes Control

Eco-friendly mosquito and tick control helps prevent new pests and eliminate existing ones.


Perimeter Pest Control

Perimeter Pest Control is your home’s first defense against ants and other invading insects.

Kick Pests to the Curb, the Eco-Friendly way

Evade disease-carrying pests and prevent population growth with highly effective, environmentally friendly methods. Get started today!


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Benefits of Perimeter Pest Control

Green Sphere’s perimeter pest control program presents a holistic and environmentally conscious approach to safeguarding homes from ant invasions. Through the utilization of all-natural, eco-friendly ingredients, this innovative pest-prevention program establishes a protective barrier around residences, deterring ants from encroaching upon the perimeter or infiltrating the interior spaces. By relying on nature-inspired solutions, Green Sphere not only effectively eliminates the need for harmful chemicals but also promotes a safer living environment for families, pets, and the ecosystem.

 The benefits of this program extend beyond pest control, as it champions sustainability by employing methods that align with the principles of eco-conscious living. Homeowners who choose Green Sphere's perimeter pest control enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their homes are defended by a solution that not only preserves the sanctity of their living spaces but also contributes positively to the planet.


Perimeter Pest Control Applications

The perimeter pest control experience offered by Green Sphere goes beyond just eradicating pests; it delivers a sense of peace and security for clients. Imagine stepping into your home and feeling an immediate calm, knowing that a natural, protective shield has been meticulously established to ward off ants and maintain the sanctity of your living space. With every application of our eco-friendly ingredients, a reassuring barrier is created, ensuring that your home remains a pest-free haven. 

This newfound tranquility extends outdoors as well, as your surroundings are transformed into a pest-discouraging oasis. Green Sphere's approach not only safeguards your property but also nurtures a sense of well-being, allowing you to fully relish the comfort of your home without worrying about invasive pests.



Frequently Asked Questions About our Pest Control Services

  • How does perimeter pest control work?

    Perimeter pest control from Green Sphere operates by creating a protective barrier around your home.This barrier acts as a deterrent to ants and other pests, preventing them from infiltrating your living spaces. The application process is carefully designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing effectiveness, ensuring that your home remains pest-free and safe for both your family and the ecosystem.

  • Is perimeter pest control safe for my family and pets?

    Absolutely. Green Sphere's perimeter pest control prioritizes the safety of your loved ones, including pets. Our products are carefully selected to minimize any risk to humans and animals while effectively deterring pests. You can rest assured that our approach is environmentally friendly, providing a secure and worry-free living environment.

  • How often is perimeter pest control recommended?

    The frequency of perimeter pest control applications can vary based on factors such as the severity of the pest issue and the surrounding environment. In general, we recommend scheduling treatments at regular intervals, typically monthly, to ensure a consistently effective barrier.

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