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Prepare and Protect Your Plants for Winter


Winter Pruning to Protect Your Plants

Many plants are dormant during winter. Pruning before winter protects trees and shrubs while avoiding the spread of disease and bacteria. 

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Pruning Problem Solver

Winter is the best time to prune your ornamental trees and shrubs. By pruning during the dormant season we can rejuvenate overgrown shrubs with less stress on the plants, allowing us to make better cuts to promote growth and flowering come spring.

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Healthier Spring Plants

Give your plants a jump start on spring growth while protecting the surrounding yard from falling limbs, broken branches, and debris. Help your plants bud with confidence in early spring by reducing their stress throughout the winter months. 

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Give your trees, shrubs, and plants the care they deserve this winter with professional pruning services.


Winter Pruning isn’t All We Do

Winter pruning is just one of our professional services to keep your plants healthy and protected all year long.

Trees & Shurb Care

Our plant health care programs meet the needs of your unique garden & plants.


Arborjet Tree Injections

Prevent invasive pets from damaging your trees with pest control injections.

Deep Root Fertilization

Fertilize your plants, not the area around them, with deep root fertilization. 


Winter Pruning Services

Winter is the best time to prune your trees & shrubs for optimal health.


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Common Questions About Winter Pruning Services

  • Why is winter pruning important for the health of my trees and shrubs?

    Winter pruning is essential because it allows us to remove dead or diseased branches, shape the plant for optimal growth, and promote overall plant health. During the dormant season, trees and shrubs are less stressed, making it an ideal time for maintenance pruning and rejuvenation pruning if your shrubs need a more intensive approach.

  • What types of plants benefit from winter pruning in Massachusetts?

    Our winter pruning services are tailored to various plant species commonly found in Massachusetts landscapes. Whether you have deciduous trees, evergreen shrubs, or ornamental plants, our experts can determine the best pruning techniques to ensure they thrive come spring.

  • Can winter pruning help pdrastically reduce my overgrown shrubs?

    Yes, winter pruning can help reduce the overall size of your shrubs faster than pruning in teh growing season. This is because the plants are dormant allowing us to make deeper cuts at this time of the year to reduce overall size or Rejuvenate the plants. While we can make deeper cuts in teh winter severely overgrown shrubs may still require multiple pruning visits over a year or two to prevent stressing the plants too much, our experts can determine the best pruning techniques to ensure they thrive come spring.

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