Lawn Care for Responsible Homeowners

Green Sphere is Newburyport's green lawn care professionals, specializing in environmentally-friendly practices and approaches to caring for your lawn.

Plant Health Care for Responsible Homeowners

Green Sphere's Plant Health Care nurtures your trees and shrubs with eco-friendly practices, ensuring vibrant, thriving landscapes.

Tick & Mosquito for Responsible Homeowners

Green Sphere creates a pest-free haven for your family through targeted tick and mosquito prevention strategies, prioritizing outdoor comfort and safety.

Pest Control for Responsible Homeowners

Green Sphere safeguards your outdoor space from pests with environmentally responsible methods, striking a balance between effectiveness and ecological responsibility.


Professional Lawn Care & Pest Control Services



Give your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow greener and thicker this year with the right fertilization program.


PlantHealth Care

Keep your flowers, trees and shrubs healthy with proper plant care and Arborjet injections.


OMT- Organic Mosquito and Tick Control

Ticks and mosquitoes are no match for our organic pest prevention methods. Enjoy a pest-free summer!


Perimeter PestControl

This preventative service for the perimeter of your home helps eliminate pest problems before they become substantial issues.


More Than Just Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care

Green Sphere is more than just great lawn care. We’re passionate about protecting the environment and families in Newburyport and beyond from harmful lawn care and pest control practices. Our motto is “safer, smarter, sustainable” because we love helping homeowners through better lawn care principles, practices and products. We’re a more responsible, family-owned lawn care company that offers outstanding results for both your lawn and your ecosystem.

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We know how totroubleshoot any lawn,plant health or pest issues.



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Optimized or OrganicLawn Care in the Greater Newburyport Area

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What Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Lawn Care and Pest Control Questions

  • What is organic lawn care, and how does it differ from traditional methods?

    We’re different because we take environmental stewardship seriously in our approach to lawn care. Our lawn care methods are natural, highly-effective, and based in environmental science. We make organic and environmentally-friendly lawn care sustainable and accessible by educating homeowners about their plants and local ecosystem. While backed by science and serious about what we do, we’re also unpretentious, accessible, transparent, and friendly. We love getting to know our Newburyport neighbors and helping them to learn and grow with us.

  • Do you price match?

    No, we don’t price match because typically we find that our services and our competitors are not apples to apples. However when they are we are usually priced right in line with them. Everyone has different costs to cover in their business and we know our numbers and what it takes to provide the level of service we do. Discounting our services to match inferior competitors doesn’t serve you or the industry.

  • How do I know who the right company is to hire?

    It comes down to trust, do you trust the company you hire will deliver the results they promise to? Will you trust their technicians on your property? Will you trust that they will care for your property like their own and not just another customer? So how do you answer these questions? Reviews are a great place to start! We have many, many, many more 5 star reviews than any of our competitors, last time we checked we had 10x more than many, 50x more than some! Our nearest competitor had 50% of our total! This is something we are very proud of, our customers appreciate our services enough to tell the world.

  • How do I know I'll be happy with your service?

    We offer the Green Sphere 5 Star Guarantee We Guarantee to be honest and realistic about the results we can deliverGuarantee that our humans will answer our phones, not a call center
    ● We Guarantee that our quotes and recommendations will be specific to your property’s needs● We Guarantee we’ll communicate better than any of our competitors● We Guarantee you’ll want to give us 5 star reviews- if not simply call us and let’s solve your problems!● We are a local family- run business, our reputation is very important to us and we want you as a customer for life. We are here for you!

  • Can natural methods effectively control common pests found in Massachusetts?

    Absolutely! Natural methods can effectively control common pests found in Massachusetts without relying on synthetic pesticides. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, which combine various eco-friendly strategies, can be employed. By focusing on prevention, monitoring, and targeted intervention, natural pest control methods can provide effective solutions while minimizing environmental harm.

  • Is Green Sphere a strictly organic company?

    No, while many of our services are fully organic we do use control products as needed where we do not have organic options. Services such as weed control, certain insect or disease controls for lawn or Plant Health Care we will use chemical controls where we do not have organic options. Our goal is and always has been to use the most effective and sustainable methods to provide our customers with t eresults they desire all while competing with the full chemical companies.

  • What services do you offer for lawn care, plant care, and pest control?

    At our lawn care, plant care, and pest control company, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help you maintain a healthy and vibrant outdoor space in a responsible way. Our services include hybrid and organic lawn fertilization, weed control, insect control, disease prevention and treatment, soil testing, and amendment. We also provide plant care services such as tree and shrub care to treat for insects, disease and deep root fertilization. Our pest control services encompass the use of eco-friendly methods to manage and control pests, including mosquitoes and ticks, ants and spiders outside of your home. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalized solutions tailored to the specific needs of your lawn and garden, ensuring that they thrive in an organic and sustainable manner.