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Eco-Friendly Lawn Care & Pest Control for Newburyport and Surrounding Areas , MA


Better Lawn Care, Plant Health Care, and Pest Control for Responsible Homeowners

Upgrade your Lawn Care, Plant Health Care, and Pest Control services this year for a more environmentally-responsible way to enjoy a lush, green lawn.

Lawn Care

Transform your lawn into a lush, eco-friendly oasis with our sustainable lawn care services.

Plant Health Care

Nurture the well-being of your trees and shrubs through our Plant Health Care solutions.

Pest Control

Safeguard your outdoor space from ticks and mosquitoes with our environmentally responsible pest control methods.

Referral Program

Join our green initiative and earn rewards by sharing the benefits of our eco-friendly services through our referral program.


Eco-Friendly Outdoor Solutions: Nurturing Lawns, Plants, and Peace of Mind in Newburyport and Beyond

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Lawn Care

Experience eco-friendly lawn care excellence, tailored to the unique needs of your outdoor space.

  • Lawn Fertilization

    Nourish your lawn to perfection with our expert fertilization techniques, fostering vibrant growth and color.

  • Aeration, Overseeding & Top Dressing

    Revitalize your turf with our comprehensive aeration, overseeding, and top dressing services, promoting a healthy and lush lawn.

  • Soil Health Applications

    Enhance your soil's vitality and structure, laying the foundation for a resilient and thriving landscape.

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Plant Heath Care

Enrich the well-being of your plants with our specialized care, promoting robust growth and natural beauty.

  • Trees & Shrub Care

    Elevate the health and grace of your trees and shrubs through our dedicated and tailored care strategies.

  • Arborjet Tree Injections

    Combat pests and diseases effectively with our Arborjet tree injections, preserving the health of your valuable trees.

  • Deep Root Fertilization

    Deliver essential nutrients directly to your plants' roots, ensuring their strength and vitality.

  • Winter Pruning Services

    Prepare your landscape for the cold season with our precise winter pruning, ensuring vigorous spring growth.

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Pest Control & Prevention

Safeguard your outdoor living space from unwelcome guests with our comprehensive pest control and prevention methods.

  • Tick & Mosquito Prevention

    Create a pest-free environment for your family with our targeted tick and mosquito prevention strategies.

  • Perimeter Pest Control

    Form an impenetrable shield around your property, keeping pests at bay with our perimeter pest control solutions

  • Mosquito Trap Service

    Enjoy the outdoors without disruption; our mosquito trap service ensures peaceful, bug-free evenings.

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Referral Program

Join our mission of green excellence and be rewarded for sharing the benefits of our services through our referral program. Save $50 when you refer a friend or neighbor for a full lawn care program. Spread the good news about eco-friendly lawn care for responsible homeowners.

  • You should choose the plan which meets your needs and requirements and send us a message to place the order. You can also make it online.

  • Our specialist can help you assess your particular issue and define which plan suits you the most. Feel free to contact us.

  • We offer a variety of payment methods. We accept cash, checks, and the majority of credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Go Barefoot in Greener, Cleaner Grass This Year

Don’t wait to get started on your safer, greener lawn with fewer or no chemicals. Protect your family, pets, and peace of mind with the tranquil, pest-free backyard you deserve.


A Higher Standard of Professional Lawn Care in Newburyport and Beyond


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Frequently Asked Lawn Care and Pest Control Questions

  • Do you price match?

    No, we don’t price match because typically we find that our services and our competitors are not apples to apples. However when they are we are usually priced right in line with them. Everyone has different costs to cover in their business and we know our numbers and what it takes to provide the level of service we do. Discounting our services to match inferior competitors doesn’t serve you or the industry.

  • How often should I schedule lawn fertilization to maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn?

    The frequency of lawn fertilization depends on factors like your grass type, soil condition, and climate. Typically, lawns benefit from fertilization every 5-7 weeks during the growing season for optimal results.

  • What's the advantage of choosing Arborjet tree injections for my trees' health?

    Arborjet tree injections are an effective way to target pests and diseases directly within the tree's vascular system. This method minimizes environmental impact and reduces the need for spraying pesticides, ensuring the health and longevity of your trees.

  • How does your IN2Care Mosquito Trap service work, and can it effectively control mosquito populations on my property?

    Our IN2CARE Mosquito Trap service utilizes innovative technology to attract and capture mosquitoes. These traps significantly reduce mosquito populations by disrupting their breeding cycle, providing a noticeable reduction in mosquito activity and allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces more comfortably.

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