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Fully Organic Lawn Care Services

Our fully organic lawn care program uses only top-of-the-line products to keep your family, pets, and lawn safe. Most lawns require 6 lawn applications and 1 compost application throughout the year. Start with a free soil health test to determine your lawn’s unique care needs.


A Fully Organic Program You Can Trust 

Our organic program focuses on building soil health to support healthy turf grass. Organic products make a world of difference for your soil health and the harmony of your ecosystem as well as the quality of your grass overtime.


Key Organic Ingredients Include:

    Kelp extract
    Humic acid
    Natural compost
    A wide variety of microbes


You'll Love the Results You Get From Our Organic Grub Control!

Organic Solutions for a Greener Lawn

Get in touch today for effective and responsible solutions for a safer, greener outdoor space this year.


Organics are not All We’re Good at.

We offer a wide range of lawn care and pest control services including Optimized Programs to control weeds and insects while helping build the soil. Learn more about our range of professional services below. 

Plant Health Care

With Arborjet root injections and more, we know exactly how to help trees & plants thrive.

Organic Lawn Treatments

Eliminate ants, ticks, and mosquitoes with greener alternatives to pest control.

Soil Health Test

Find out exactly what your soil is lacking, and recondition it with quality products.

Aeration & Overseeding

Most lawns need aeration and overseeding every year to grow thick, healthy grass.

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Common Questions About Organic Lawn Care Services

  • Why should I choose organic lawn care over traditional methods?

    Many people are curious about the benefits of organic lawn care. Going fully organic will allow you to use organic methods to promote healthier soil, reduce chemical exposure to your family and pets, and contribute to a more sustainable environment. Organic lawn care nurtures the long-term health of your lawn by improving soil structure and promoting natural resistance to pests and diseases.

  • How does organic lawn care control weeds and pests without chemicals?

    Unfortunately, we do not currently have an effective organic weed control method but each year we pilot any new products to test their efficacy, we hope to solve this problem very soon! Fortunately, we do have organic options when it comes to treating your lawn for grubs with the use of cedar oil which will kill your grubs but not harm the beneficial insects! The best defense against weeds in an organic lawn is effectively building the soil and aerating/ overseeding to grow healthier grass to crowd out the areas that weeds would grow. these strategies work in harmony with nature to maintain a lush and vibrant lawn without the need for synthetic chemicals.

  • What can I expect in terms of results and timeline with organic lawn care?

    People often want to know what kind of results they can anticipate when choosing organic lawn care. Organic methods take longer to deliver the desired results so patience is key. If you have been on a chemical program for a number of years we recommend switching to a hybrid program like our Optimized program, you’ll maintain control on weeds and pests while starting to build your soil with non synthetic fertilizers. You can then transition to a full organic program. Aeration and overseeding yearly to thicken the lawn is the key to any organic program- thick lawn = less weeds. Organic programs provide sustainable and long-lasting benefits by improving the soil's health leading to better nutrient absorption, stronger grass growth, and reduced reliance on constant treatments. Patience pays off with a lawn that's naturally resilient and beautiful.

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