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Mosquito Traps Disrupt Mosquito Populations, not the Ecosystem


Mosquito Prevention for Responsible Homeowners

Introducing IN2Care Mosquito Traps – a revolutionary approach to pest control that prioritizes environmental harmony. These innovative traps utilize nature-inspired methods to attract and manage mosquito populations, bypassing harmful chemicals and preserving the delicate balance of our ecosystems. With Green Sphere’s mosquito traps, you can enjoy a mosquito-free environment while safeguarding children, pets, wildlife, and the planet, aligning your pest control efforts with sustainable practices.


Get More Effective Mosquito Control without the Environmental Damage

Mosquito traps deploy multiple effective mosquito elimination technologies that prevent mosquitoes from repopulating, and eliminate living mosquitoes within days.

Professional and Safe

Embracing the benefits of mosquito traps offers a comprehensive and professional solution to mosquito control. These traps combine effectiveness with environmental responsibility, making them an ideal choice for those seeking safe and eco-friendly pest management. 

Professionally designed and engineered, mosquito traps utilize advanced technology to target and capture mosquitoes without posing harm to children, pets, or the natural world. By focusing on attraction rather than harmful chemicals, these traps interrupt the mosquito life cycle and drastically reduce their populations, resulting in fewer bites and a more enjoyable outdoor experience. With mosquito traps, you not only prioritize the well-being of your family but also contribute to the preservation of our delicate ecosystem.

Do Mosquito Traps Work?

Still not sure about the efficacy of mosquito traps? Mosquito traps eliminate adult mosquitoes as effectively as their chemical competitors, while also disrupting the repopulation process. Reach out to us for more details about how effective mosquito traps can be for your yard and garden.

Environmentally-Friendly Mosquito Control Services

Embracing mosquito traps as our chosen method of pest prevention underscores our commitment to ecological balance. Unlike traditional pest control methods that often introduce harmful chemicals into the environment, mosquito traps work harmoniously with nature.

By using attractants and non-toxic mechanisms, these traps target mosquitoes while sparing beneficial insects and wildlife. This eco-friendly approach maintains the delicate web of life, ensuring that our actions to prevent mosquito populations do not disrupt the broader ecosystem. By opting for mosquito traps, we foster a healthier, more sustainable environment for both present and future generations to enjoy.


In2care® Mosquito Trap Service from Green Sphere

Mosquitoes are attracted to a small,
man-made breeding site (the trap)

While laying eggs in the trap, the female
mosquito is contaminated with a larvicide

When the female mosquito leaves to lay eggs
in other locations, it spreads the contaminant

This contaminant kills larva before
they pupate

We create our products using the latesttechnologies to ensure the best experience.

Proven Pest Prevention and Control

Learn more about greener technologies for pest control and see how effective it can be by visiting our YouTube channel.


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In2Care Mosquito Traps aren't our only approach to pest control. Combine these services for maximum environmentally friendly protection from pests.

Mosquito Trap Control

Reduce mosquito populations in your outdoor living space with safe and effective IN2Care mosquito traps.

Ticks & Mosquitoes Control

Eco-friendly mosquito and tick control helps prevent new pests and eliminate existing ones.


Perimeter Pest Control

Perimeter Pest Control is your home’s first defense against ants and other invading insects.

Kick Pests to the Curb, the Eco-Friendly Way

Evade disease-carrying pests and prevent population growth with highly effective, environmentally friendly methods. Get started today!



Questions and Answers About Mosquito Traps and Pest Control

  • How do IN2CARE Mosquito Traps work as a natural method of control?

    Mosquito traps operate by utilizing scent attractants, to lure female mosquitoes into the trap where they will lay their eggs. Once inside, the mosquitoes are inoculated with a natural biological agent that kills the larvae in the water before they hatch, disrupt the female's life cycle so she can’t reproduce again as well as taking the biological insecticide with her to inoculate the next water source she lands in to kill larvae there as well. Natural mosquito traps, like those promoted by eco-conscious solutions, leverage non-toxic methods to capture and control mosquito populations, ensuring that children, pets, wildlife, and the ecosystem remain unharmed.

  • Can IN2CARE Mosquito Traps replace chemical-based mosquito control methods?

    Yes, mosquito traps provide an alternative to chemical-based mosquito control methods. Chemical treatments can have adverse effects on the environment and non-target species, whereas mosquito traps offer a more targeted and environmentally friendly approach. By reducing mosquito populations in a natural manner, traps help minimize the need for harmful chemicals while maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

  • Do IN2CARE Mosquito Traps effectively reduce mosquito bites in residential areas?

    Yes, IN2CARE Mosquito Traps have proven to be effective in reducing mosquito bites in residential areas. By targeting mosquitoes directly and interrupting their breeding cycle, these traps significantly diminish mosquito populations, leading to fewer mosquito bites. This reduction in mosquito activity contributes to a more enjoyable outdoor living environment for families, pets, and the local ecosystem.

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