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Here's a fun fact about Wenham, MA: Wenham Lake, which it shares with Beverly, was a star in the 19th century! Back then, the ice harvested from the lake was famous for its quality, and it was even shipped all over the world! We love caring for Wenham’s lawns and gardens! Our experts help homeowners grow healthier, more resilient lawns and gardens throughout Wenham and beyond. Start with a soil health test and learn which diseases and fungi might threaten your trees, shrub, or plants this year. Find out why responsible homeowners love our services and the Green Sphere 5-star guarantee today!

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Lawn Care Wenham, MA

Curious about greener lawn care options for responsible lawn care in Wenham, Massachusetts? Green Sphere offers a wide variety of organic and optimized services to meet the unique needs of your lawn and family. Protect your ecosystem and grow a gorgeous lawn with our eco-friendly lawn care services.

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Pest Control Wenham, MA

Protect your friends, family, pets, and ecosystem from the harmful effects of outdated pest control methods. Green Sphere elevates pest control practices with science-based methods and products that really work. Prevent future invasions from mosquitoes, ticks, ants, and spiders with effective, eco-friendly pest control and prevention services.


Lawn Fertilization Services Near Wenham, MA

From fertilization to fungal inoculation for your favorite trees and plants, Green Sphere experts know exactly what your Wenham lawn and garden need! Browse our list of services and reach out today to grow the lawn and garden of your dreams this year.

Aeration, Overseeding, Topdressing

Allow your roots to spread further and deeper into nutrient-dense soil so your grass seed springs to life when the snow melts.

Lawn Fertilization

Be sure your lawn has the right balance of nutrients for more resilient grasses with our mess-free, eco-friendly fertilizer.

Organic Lawn Treatment

Protect your family, friends, pets, and ecosystem from harsh, sometimes harmful chemicals with our fully-organic lawn care.

Soil Health Applications

Great lawns begin deep beneath the surface with healthy roots, but is your soil healthy enough to support strong and resilient grass?

Trees & Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs in the Northeast require the right balance of nutrients, water and pruning to look and grow their best.

Arborjet Tree Injections

Inoculate and protect your trees from fungal and other plant diseases that could put them at risk with Arborjet Tree Injections.

Deep Root Fertilization

Revive your flowering or fruiting trees without the mess or danger of fertilizer run off with deep root fertilization.

Winter Pruning Services

Prepare your favorite trees, shrubs and plants for winter and help them prepare for spring with professional winter pruning.

OMT Mosquito And Tick Control

Eliminate and prevent mosquitoes and ticks from harming your family and pets this year with effective, eco-friendly solutions.

Perimeter Pest Control

Protect your home from ants and other invaders with greener, more effective perimeter pest control services today.

Mosquito Perimeter

Avoid pesky and dangerous mosquitoes that threaten your family and friends with fast and effective mosquito perimeter protection.


Lawn Care FAQs

Need to know more before you commit to a greener, more effective lawn care experience? Read some of our commonly asked questions below.

  • Do you price match?

    No, but our prices are competitive or even lower than other companies! When it comes to fertilization services, the old saying "you get what you pay for" rings true. A lower price may indicate that corners are being cut somewhere, such as in the quality of products used, the scope of the treatment area, or the service and training processes. At our company, we prioritize the well-being and success of our employees by providing living wages and excellent training, which sets us apart from other businesses that may deal with high turnover rates due to poorly trained and dissatisfied technicians. We take pride in our premium service offerings and are confident that we can deliver exceptional results. We have yet to find another company that matches the level of service we provide. Our glowing Google reviews speak for themselves!

  • I have pets, are your products pet safe?

    At our company, we understand the importance of pet-friendly and eco-conscious lawn care for our customers. Whether you have one furry friend or a whole pack, we have you covered with our wide range of products. We are dedicated to minimizing chemical use wherever possible, employing both fully organic and low-toxicity options. Our Tick and Mosquito programs use 100% organic solutions, so you can enjoy your yard without any disruptions. Additionally, we avoid spraying chemicals high into the canopies of your plants, opting instead for soil and trunk injections, which are safer and more effective. Our lawn care services also produce exceptional results with minimal to no chemical usage. We would be more than happy to discuss any of our products or programs with you in greater detail.

  • Are organics as effective as chemicals?

    Comparing organics and chemicals is like comparing apples and oranges; they are fundamentally different in their approach. While it's true that you may not achieve the same immediate results with an organic program as you would with a chemical one, our Optimized program provides a viable solution. We have eliminated almost all synthetic fertilizers from our programs, while still retaining control products for annual weeds such as crabgrass, broadleaf pests like dandelions, and grub prevention. This approach significantly reduces chemical usage while still producing outstanding results that are comparable in price to other companies that continue to use the same products they did 15 years ago.

  • Should I fertilize myself or hire a professional?

    You may consider yourself a handy person who enjoys changing your car's oil or building a playhouse for your kids, but would you install a new transmission in your SUV or build an addition to your house? Most likely not, because you haven't spent years studying those trades and it's not something you're experienced in. The same applies to fertilization. We are licensed professionals because the products we use require expertise in both product selection and application. Our technicians undergo extensive training in the Green Sphere products & techniques. We continuously train on the cutting edge products & services of our field as well. Hire a professional and you'll be glad you did!

Lawn Care, Tick and Mosquito Control Services in Wenham, MA | Green Sphere

Enjoy Greener, More Resilient Grass this Year

Our eco-friendly products and services will deliver your healthiest lawn yet this year. Get started today, Wenham!


A Cleaner, Greener Solution to Lawn Care & Pest Control

At Green Sphere, we’re passionate about greener solutions for mosquito & tick control as well as lawn care. That’s because we’re local and we share the ecosystem that you do with our friends, families, and community. We hope to create community and educate homeowners about the safest and most effective eco-friendly solutions possible. We begin from beneath the soil surface to help you understand the health of your soil and plants, and how to improve both. We love delivering the greenest, healthiest lawns possible in Groveland and beyond.


Raising Professional Lawn Care Standards in Wenham & Beyond


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