It’s February and tomorrow we will be waking up to temperatures in the fifties.  THE FIFTIES!

Most homeowners experience lawn damage during the winter season when the ground is frozen but is not snow covered.

This is the time you need to be careful to prevent loss of grass and plants in general. The snow and frost themselves do not cause any significant damage to the turf but most often occurs when people walk or drive on the frozen grass.

Walking on a frosted lawn will cause the grass to break. The frost will fracture the leaf cells causing severe damage to the plants. The effects might not be seen immediately until the winter is over.   Here are some tips to help you care for your lawn during the winter season.

  1. Don’t park or walk on grass
    How often do you park on grass? Well, most of us tend to park on grass especially when it has snowed. We tend to forget that beneath the snow there is grass. Parking on grass usually breaks the leaf cells damaging the grass. This may cause the grass to die off on the parts where your car has been parked.  Try to clear the whole driveway so you can see the lawn edges and park on the normal parking place or just park in your garage. Snow tends to cover the pathways, and most homeowners will drive without
  2. Clear the walkways of snow
    Clearing the walkways will give your lawn the best chance of survival during the winter season. Clearing the pathway of snow will help you see where the walkways are helping you avoid walking on the grass. Most people will find themselves walking on grass without noticing simply because the walkways have not been cleared of snow.
  3. Avoid wet lawns
    Walking on sopping wet lawns due to winter rains like we are experiencing will cause compaction of the soil resulting in water and nutrients not being able to enter the root zone and the turf roots can’t spread.  Walking or driving on very wet ground will also result in ruts soil which will require repairs in the spring and having to reseed these areas.
  4. Spring will be here soon!!!!
    Remember the winter season will not last forever. Soon it will be over, and you will need your yard looking green and beautiful. The snow will soon melt away (if we ever get any!), and all the plants and grass buried beneath will green up again.   Avoiding walking or driving on the grass will help keep the grass in good shape when winter ends.