The Pinterest boards are jam-packed with ideas for beautiful gardens and stunning outdoor decor. You’ve finally settled on a vision for a new landscape!

Now’s the tough part: finding someone to help bring it to life.

Every landscaper or property care professional claims to be the best, but rarely do any offer real reasons why beyond fluffy language about quality.

Here’s what sets us apart from the competition, as highly praised landscapers, serving Massachusetts home and business owners like you:

We’re Your One-Stop Shop for All Property Care

You might think that landscape care is a one-man job, however, that’s rarely the case. It’s not a just matter of hiring a gardener— your property needs many hands to transform it into a lively outdoor escape and to help maintain its luster.

First thing’s first: green grass. Fertilization is a tricky process that can make or break a lush lawn. The wrong chemicals can thin, discolor or damage your turf. You’ll need the help of a trusted professional to test your soil’s acidity and whip up a nourishing mix that’s specific to your lawn’s needs. And if you have a long-standing, cherished tree that needs care, that’s a whole separate process.

Next, you’ll need someone to help with landscape design, assisting in choosing the right vegetation, matching it with your aesthetic and doing all the dirty work of planting them. Tree planting can be an especially difficult project, requiring cumbersome transport and careful positioning.

Then, there’s your continual maintenance to worry about. From frequent mows to seasonal pruning, you’ll need to care for your property consistently. Let’s not forget weed control and pest management.

All these services add up— and juggling multiple subcontractors almost always leads to projects that are overtime and over budget.

Our team eliminates these headaches by being your go-to solution for all things lawn care. Not only do we have experts to help bring your vision to life, but we have the experts to make it a reality. Pair it with our maintenance services and personalized fertilization care, and your property’s sure to shine.

We Personalize Our Work for Every Landscape’s Unique Need

Every property is different, as well as everyone’s vision for what they want it to be.

With our team, you’re not going to get some standard, “apply-to-all” package. We’ll test your soil’s PH balance and create a nutrient-rich cocktail to fertilize your unique turf. We’ll send our team to the local nursery hand-pick the flowers and plants you desire.

Have you ever heard of personalization this thoughtful and dedicated from any other landscapers?

We Never Compromise on Professionalism

One of our core values at Swazy & Alexander is Professionalism— and we’re true to our pledge. The problem is, many landscaping and fertilization companies assert the same claim, without actually standing behind it.

What does professionalism mean to us? Maybe it’s easier to look at what it’s not (but what unfortunately happens with careless contractors).

Professional means NOT showing up late on a promised arrival time. Not using dirty language around your family and children. Not disrespecting your time and investment by underdelivering, extending deadlines or hiring careless, unreliable staff.

Our team is not only expected to be courteous and friendly, but we all specialize in our own trade, with training, certifications and full resumes to support our reputation.

You’re not getting some amateur who knows how to use a shovel. With our teams, you’re getting a professional fertilization manager with 25 years of experience and a degree in horticulture (shout out to Shawn!) or a project manager with 13 years of military discipline to ensure deadlines are met (that’s our guy, Derek, hard at work).

We always say, “Hire a professional— you’ll be glad you did.”

We Reward for Level of Care

Many landscape crews are incentivized by the number of stops they make in a day. This leads to careless work and a quick “in and out” mentality that never reaps remarkable results.

Our team members at Swazy & Alexander are rewarded on the quality of their work, not the number of daily stops, ensuring their commitment to dependability and attention-to-detail.

To us, quality extends beyond the finished project (though of course, this is vital!) and also includes building lasting relationships.

Our employees go through an extensive vetting process to ensure they fit in with the culture and our landscaping family, meaning they’re hired for their passion, creativity, and personality. We want every customer to know our team by the first name and to share a vision for your landscape goals.

Did we mention care extends to our safety measures, too? Our crew is required to receive constant training around new safety practices and their work assessed frequently.

We care about our relationships and our work, not the paycheck. We might even stop by for a friendly check-in on our way to our next stop!

Our Landscape Services

Isn’t it time you took back your weekend and made time for yourself instead of fiddling around in the yard? Skip the landscape headaches by turning to a team of professionals who treat you like family.

Explore our landscape services and reach out with this form or by calling (855)-391-1343. We’d love to assess your property’s needs and introduce ourselves, today!