Wow, the tomatoes are getting huge! My next step is to add significantly more staking to them. They are producing lots of flowers ….. and flowers = tomatoes!

One mistake I think I’ve made is overplanting this small space. We will have to see if this creates issues in the near future. Hopefully the under story leaves won’t rot due to lack of air flow. That’s really the point of this vegetable garden though … to see what works and doesn’t. As I’ve said many times, veggies are not my strong suit but I’d like them to be.

To make matters worse (and more overcrowded!) after our puppy tore into the germinating carrot and cucumber seeds, I just spread the remaining seeds into the lower levels of the planting bed and they all seem to be coming up! I will probably have to move these to other pots to give them space to grow.

The grilled chicken salad pictured is made from lettuce entirely from the garden, very happy with that. I should be able to harvest the 2 lettuce plants about every 2 weeks now to get enough for 4 servings. Not going to solve the worlds hunger crisis but it feels good to eat something you’ve grown!

Just couldn’t resist putting this picture in. Here are Sam & Ben munching on strawberries that are growing in our yard. Seems like we are going to have more this year than last.