Summer is the prime time to deal with ticks and mosquitos that might be invading your backyard. This year, more than ever, people are excited to be outdoors and enjoy spending time with friends and family — all of which will be much easier and safer when you don’t have to worry about the dangers that come with exposure to ticks and mosquitos. Take control of your lawn this summer with Green Sphere’s safe, effective, and organic tick and mosquito control services in Massachusetts!

Organic Tick and Mosquito Control

With the existence of safe and effective tick and mosquito control services, you shouldn’t have to worry about letting your kids and your pets roam free in the backyard this summer. While applying mosquito repellent is a short-term solution, it’s not something that anyone looks forward to just to be able to spend some time outdoors. One of Green Sphere’s primary missions is to help families in Massachusetts take control of the pest population on their property and empower them to safely enjoy their homes without worry. We do this by implementing safe and organic pest treatment methods that are just as effective as our competitors’ inorganic (and sometimes harmful) chemicals—all without harming our pollinator populations! 


Green Sphere and Swazy & Alexander Landscaping is proud to introduce an additional service to our mosquito pest control services — In2Care® Mosquito Traps. This innovative system changes the way that you can control mosquito populations around your home. These traps are easy to use, require no power, use mosquitos themselves to transfer larvicides, and are 100% safe to use around people, pets, and beneficial insects.

Protect Your Family From Pest-Borne Diseases

We can’t stress enough how important it is that you take action against the pests that can take up residence on your property. New England is no stranger to diseases that are regularly carried by and transmitted by ticks and mosquitos, including Lyme disease, West Nile virus, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. These pest-borne ailments can drastically impact your family’s health and wellbeing and should be treated with a sense of urgency. You deserve to be able to spend time outdoors and feel safe from these debilitating conditions.

Introducing Tick Control Tubes

The team at Green Sphere has years of experience treating our customer’s properties for ticks. We continue to research and implement new, safe methods of dealing with New England’s tick problems, and we’re excited to introduce our newest tool in the fight against infectious pests — Tick Control Tubes! 

Tick control tubes are a new level of tick protection. These specialized tubes provide an easy-to-apply method of exterminating ticks around your property, particularly in areas where our other organic treatment methods have trouble reaching. Working with nature, these tick tubes kill ticks early in their life cycle — early enough that they’re not at the life stage where they are able to cause harm to people and pets. Green Sphere now has the ability to add a level of control to your property’s tick population, even when we can’t reach every single square foot with spraying methods. This is previously uncharted territory, and we’re excited to be able to offer this program to our customers!

How Tick Tubes Work

When ticks are early in their life cycle, they primarily only feed on small animals, like mice. When ticks mature, they begin to feed on larger hosts like deer, pets, and people. Our new tick control tubes work by using animal behaviors in nature to our advantage. Tick tubes are made from biodegradable cardboard that has been filled and saturated with material that kills ticks. Mice, which are young ticks’ primary food source, seek out these special tubes and use the material to line their nests underground. In the process, mice coat themselves with this tick-killing material. When an unsuspecting tick finds its mouse host, it soon perishes from exposure to this material. This interrupts the tick life cycle, killing them before they have a chance to fully mature and become a threat to your family’s health. 

These tick tubes can be placed around your property during one of our team’s scheduled monthly spray application visits this summer. Our technicians will carefully examine your property to identify targeted areas where a tick tube placement will be most effective, like woodpiles, sheds, and along stone walls. This can be supplemented into your tick treatment plan for one flat seasonal fee and includes two treatments during the months that ticks are most active. 

Find the Pest Control Program for You

Naturally caring for your property and providing safe tick and mosquito control services are what we do best. You can be absolutely confident that Green Sphere only ever chooses the finest products to protect both your family and Massachusetts’ environment, all while ridding your lawn of dangerous pests. All summer long, Green Sphere can provide treatment applications to your property with programs like our 7-Step Organic Tick Control program, or our Advanced 7-Step Organic Tick and Mosquito program. 

Don’t fear spending time in your backyard this summer. The most effective way to protect your property, your family, and your pets is to start professional tick and mosquito control programs, especially early in the season. Contact us today to schedule your in-person assessment so that we can provide you an accurate, customized quote that is tailored to your individual needs!