There your flowers go again— drooping! It seems that no matter what you do, they’re always thirsty, and watering your plants feels like a full-time job.

Many homeowners overwater their wilting plants in an effort to help them recover from drought-related ailments but increasing the frequency and amount of water you dump on your landscape only invites fungus and rot.

Achieve a drought-resistant yard and water less, with the help of Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Manager.

How Hydretain Works

When you’re really thirsty, don’t you wish a bottle of water would just appear out of thin air? Plants are just like us. They also can’t absorb moisture vapor from the air— they need to drink liquid droplets!

Hydretain is a solution that functions like little magnets in the dirt. These “magnets” are really Hydretain’s primary hygroscopic compounds, which resemble crystals. The compounds pull moisture from the soil, pooling vapor around the crystals until it’s large enough to form a liquid water drop.

Here’s a video of these wild compounds in action!

Hydretain forms a thin, persistent film around the surface of your plant’s roots, and the droplets adhere to the root hairs. This way, your grass or plants always have a reservoir of water on “back-up.”

This helps to maintain proper moisture levels so your plants always have something to drink, even during periods of drought. It even assists with the uptake of nutrients in the soil too!

The Benefits of Using Hydretain

There’s a number of reasons that homeowners all across Massachusetts are treating their landscapes and flower beds with this special moisture manager. Here are a few of the perks:

With Hydretain, you’ll:

  • Water less frequently. Not only does that mean lower water bills, but this saves you the time and effort of lugging around the hose or pail. Using less H20 also benefits the environment too. The “water less” perk also comes in handy during water bans, when firm restrictions are in place.
  • See less wilting and fewer dry spots. Your plants will now have a reserve of water ready to be absorbed when needed. This means no more brown grass patches or drooping daisies, even on the hottest or driest of days.
  • Know you’re using a safe solution for your family. Hydretain is perfectly safe to apply, and there’s no waiting period required after the treatment. The moisture managers are not classified as hazardous under the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals and are pet-friendly.
  • Improve your plants’ resilience. Dehydration and drought cause great stress to your grass and flowers. Without water, they shrivel, droop and eventually, become weakened and more susceptible to disease or pests. Having a ready supply of moisture ensures your plants thrive without concern.

The Results

One treatment of Hydretain offers your grass or plants 1.5 months’ worth of moisture-locking power. One application for 1.5 months of benefits? What a win!

This increased root zone moisture means better watering efficiency for approximately 45 straight days. In fact, studies have shown that Hydretain can reduce your watering needs by up to 50%!

Not to mention, plants treated are extra drought-tolerant, and can go twice as long without irrigation before experiencing drought-related stress— like browning, wilting, etc. This means that even through dry-spells, Hydretain-treated soil keeps your plants healthy, without extra watering.

Want to see the result for yourself? Check out some of the before and after pictures on their website as well as the case studies from a number of notable universities.

Get that Lush Landscape

You’ve invested a lot into your landscape. Our professional-grade Hydretain products are like an insurance policy for your lawn!

Build a landscape of drought-tolerant grass and plants with the right combination of moisture control products and nourishing fertilizer.

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