Wait, what? My lawn is a 3 legged stool?- Yes and we’ll explain that in a moment.

This spring we are seeing a massive amount of drought damage from last year and we wanted to explain what is happening with your lawn. We work hard to help you attain a perfect lawn every treatment, but, it’s important for customers to have realistic expectations about lawn care. Despite our best efforts, there are many natural factors that are beyond our control and yours. Turf care is much more complex than just a treatment. Turf grass is a living plant that is affected by the environment, weather patterns, pests, insects, traffic, pets, and many other natural variables we simply can’t control. To expect your lawn to be perfect is unrealistic. You must be willing to be patient, and allow proper maintenance, our services and Mother Nature the time to allow the lawn to succeed.

However, the good news is, with our programs, you will see change happen! Each of our treatments works with the other, and each will improve the health of your lawn but… we can’t do it alone.

Imagine if you will – a three-legged stool. With each leg sitting on a level plane the stool distributes the weight perfectly- But, remove or weaken one of these legs and the stool no longer performs as it was meant… these three legs – Maintenance, Mother Nature and Lawn Care are the foundation to your lawn’s beauty and function.

So now that we have set up this simple understanding and analogy- Let’s begin by discussing and approaching each leg separately

First Leg, Proper Maintenance– You must make sure the lawn is correctly mowed, watered and maintained.

Mowing: Propper cutting plays a HUGE factor in the stress of your lawn. A good rule of thumb is 3” in height in the spring and fall and 3.5” in the summer. Shorter than that and you are exposing the soil to more sunlight which equals more weeds, it also stresses the grass and causes burnout in the heat much sooner.Watering: We frequently hear from customers they watered every day for 15-20 per zone- PLEASE, PLEASE don’t do this. It is a waste of water and your money and actually damages the turf. Deeper but less frequent watering is the proper way to water.. Turf needs 1” of water per week. It is best to give it all at once. Light watering doesn’t penetrate deeply enough into the root zone and evaporates quickly from the surface causing shallow rooting. With each watering, you want to soak the soil deeply, causing the roots to grow down following the water. Each lawn is different but the rule of thumb here is: a deep, heavy watering weekly is greatly preferred to light watering daily. Your wallet and lawn will thank you!

Second Leg, Mother Nature– We need her cooperation to provide good, consistent growing conditions. Problems will occur whenever temperature, precipitation, and/or humidity become extreme, fluctuate rapidly, and are not in the most favorable range for growing healthy turf grass. Managing drought conditions can be frustrating and challenging but there are things you can do to help. Moisture management options are available and can help to retain moisture in the root zone and greatly reduce watering needs, especially during times when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.

Third Leg, Green Sphere!– This Is where we come in. Proper timing and application methods, consistency, professional products, lawn monitoring, early diagnoses of insect and disease problems, these are just a few of the benefits of hiring a professional lawn care company. Homeowners tend to struggle and get frustrated trying to do it all. Plus, your lawn is one-of-a-kind. It has its own set of needs and requirements. That’s why it is important to have a comprehensive lawn care plan formulated for your lawn’s specific needs.

Achieving a near perfect lawn takes time. Green Sphere is only one leg of the stool. It takes each of the three legs working together. but in partnering with us, your goal of achieving a well established lawn is much more likely to be accomplished. Have questions on what you can do to help achieve a healthy, well established lawn? We love to “Talk Turf” with our customers. Call, email, or chat with one of our friendly Green Sphere Technicians if you see them around.

Happy Spring! We’re ready to Get Growing!