Your patio is often your backyard’s central gathering point. It’s the perfect place to lounge after a busy day, watch the kids play, entertain guests and enjoy dinner with family.

It functions as a stage, overlooking your entire property. When the curtains are drawn open, what do you see?

Is your patio a scene of neglect? Perhaps your landscaping is overgrown or lifeless, or your weathered outdoor table, chairs and decor need a refresh. Maybe you don’t even have a patio and are exploring your options for designing a beautiful backyard landscape.

Consider these creative patio design ideas for planning an outdoor space worth appreciating—and showing off!

Weigh Your Need for a Structural Redesign

The very first thing you have to ask yourself is if you like the layout of your current patio. Is what you envisioned, structurally?

If privacy is important, is it lined with surrounding walls? Or the opposite— may be your setup now is confined and you want a more open floor plan. Would you enjoy a fire pit that was integrated into the original stone design like in this example? Or had you imagined a porch swing for sipping cold tea and watching the birds?

A well-thought-out hardscape design can easily transform your property in the blink of an eye.

Consider some of these stone landscaping ideas for your Massachusetts patio and start thinking like a designer. Draw a basic grid and scribble down some sketches using your vision board or grandest inspirations. Here’s how we recommend creating your own landscape plan, without a costly professional drafter.

Add Stylish Decor

If you’re happy with the layout of your permanent backyard features, your patio might simply need the right outdoor decor. Give it a facelift by adding a few unique touches.

Treat yourself to a new patio dining set or lawn furniture that matches your color scheme, add trendy accent pottery and a carpet with some personality. Don’t forget lights! Line your surrounding walkways with energy-efficient LED low voltage lights, illuminate steps with large lanterns, place candles by tableside and put out your favorite seasonal decorations, like pumpkins the fall. Visualize your possibilities with some of Pinterest’s most popular patio decorating ideas.

Cover Your Space with a Roof or Awning

Whether it’s adding a fully covered roof, a pergola or a lattice overhang, any form of ceiling could help shelter you from the sun. In this way, not only could a covered patio keep you cool, but it could also keep you safe from the elements. Imagine being able to enjoy dinner by drizzle or relaxing while being sheltered from the wind.

String up some Edison bulbs, install a ceiling fan and hang Boston Ferns or other plants. This additional height adds a whole new dimension to your property, creating a more intimate space that will feel and function like an extended room.

If you decide against a roof or awning, consider alternative ways you could add protection and height, such as choosing a dining set with an umbrella, grounding decorative poles to drape lights above your head, or other ways you could achieve your desired look and functionality without an additional installation.

Complement with Landscaping

When you’re standing on your patio overlooking your yard, you want to make sure there’s something worth seeing. Complement your transformed patio space with the right landscaping.

From sidewalks to stepping stones, disconnected fire pits to enclosed planter boxes, a landscape designer can install surrounding hardscape. Make sure you pick one to fit your needs, not simply the least expensive or convenient.

Maybe all you need is a lively garden, or some flowers, shrubbery, and trees to frame your patio— or lead the eye towards other features in your yard. Even just maintaining a lush lawn can make a huge difference, so be sure to avoid cutting your grass too short, remember to fertilize and take measures to protect your property from harmful insects and disease.

Looking to Increase Your Property Value? All of these patio design ideas can help you get started— but did you realize that adding or improving your patio features can increase your home’s value, instantly? If you’re looking to create an impressive backyard, we’ve got a guide just for you. Download your free Curb Appeal Guide today for additional ways to conceptualize with symmetry, frame and sharpen your entranceways, add lights and more.