Winter can be hard on trees and shrubs.

Prepare your beloved trees and shrubs for our harsh winter months by scheduling Deep Root Fertilization.  It’s the best thing you can do for your trees and shrubs this winter, which is why we want you to know all the details.

Protect Your Valuable Landscaping…

So you found the perfect tree or shrub, you had it expertly planted in perfect spot and have taken great care to see it mature. However, your tree’s and shrubs need more.  Trees and shrubs need careful preparation to make it through the winter, and deep root fertilization is the number one winter safeguard we can provide.

Your trees and shrubs are a growing investment that should increase in beauty and value with each passing season. But often, landscape plants fail to flourish, and may even go into decline due to lack of proper nourishment. Feeding your trees and shrubs at least once per season is good preventative maintenance. The right diet helps reduce many types of stress that weaken plants. Balanced root feeding, scheduled on a regular basis helps improve and protect your growing landscape investment.

What Is Deep Root Fertilization?

During deep root fertilization, one of our expert landscape professionals injects a balanced fertilizer with organic material directly into the root zone, where it will stay and encourage root growth until springtime.  The best time to perform deep root feeding on trees and shrubs is in the fall. A plant’s energy shifts down to the root system where root elongation and food storage takes place. As a result, the material is more efficiently absorbed and has the maximum benefit for the plants.

What Are the Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization?

Deep root fertilization helps encourage root growth deep under the surface during the winter months. Trees need this extra boost for a couple of reasons:

  1. In a woodland area, leaves provide organic fertilizer for trees and shrubs. However, nobody wants to leave leaves on their lawns over the winter for obvious reasons, so woody plants don’t get the benefit of “nature’s fertilizer” that they need.
  2. The grass surrounding our trees and shrubs compete for food, robbing many of the nutrients tree roots need, especially over the winter months.

We Are Here For You!

In the case of deep root fertilization, it’s best to call a professional who knows the proper fertilizer formula and has the necessary equipment to get the job done right. Right now is the time to make your appointment for deep root fertilization.