When you’re ready to bring your outdoor yard design vision to life, the first thing you need to do is find a landscaper.

With many options and such a large project at stake, hiring the best landscaping company can seem overwhelming. But there are certain traits that separate the right designer from the rest and help assure you achieve a beautiful landscape.

Make Sure Your Landscape Designers…

1. Have Specialized, Industry-Savvy Knowledge

Landscape design is not a responsibility you can trust just anyone to do right.

There’s a lot that goes into it. From listening and conceptualizing your ideas and then crafting a sharp, realistic draft plan— to actually executing on their promises, any designer has their job cut out for them. Never mind, actually doing it well.

You want design that’s exceptional, with specialists who have made their career out of honoring their craft.

Ensure the designers you hire know what they’re doing by meeting one-on-one to ask questions. Do a little initial research and see if they have the industry-savvy knowledge you need! When forced to give you on-the-spot answers, there’s no room for BS— they’ll reveal themselves as a landscape design expert or an ametuer.

2. Have a Reputation for Delivering Quality Results

Any experienced artist has a portfolio— and landscape craftsmen are no exception.

Don’t be afraid to ask to see their work! It’ll give you an idea of their style and what they’re capable of dreaming up and creating.

Then, ask around too. Get the inside scoop from some locals about the quality of the company’s results.

Also, check for reviews online from Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. If you actively seek opinions from previous clients, you’ll surely get them!

3. Are Trustworthy & Dependable, With Reviews to Prove It

For long-term design projects that could take many weeks to complete, you have to know you can trust your landscapers.

Trust falls into two categories. Firstly, you trust the team to leave you with the property you were promised, on time and on budget. You hope they are dependable, that they are true to their word— completing the job as expected.

The second kind of trust though can be around the quality of their service. If your landscape designer said they’d hand-pick flowers, will they really? If you were told the crew would be working outside while your kids are home, can you trust them to keep language around the worksite clean and appropriate for all ears?

This leads us into our next point; make sure you hire the best landscape designers by seeing if they…

4. Value Being Professional & Respectful

You want a professional landscaping team, those who don’t simply meet deadlines, but are also respectful of your time and space.

Does the landscape company you’re looking into have a set of Core Values on their website? These are a set of guidelines every employee should follow— and if a company displays a set of principles, they should live up to those standards.

From simply wearing a uniform to saying please and thank you, make sure the designers you’ll be frequently seeing over the next few weeks are courteous and bright. Check too if their leadership team reinforces these standards for behavior and performance.

5. Are Passionate & Creative

Does this landscaping company seem to really, genuinely care about what they do? Look for that passion in their eyes when they talk about design ideas or for pride when they show you their work.

If the designer appears unmotivated and seems to stick to the basics over and over again in their portfolio, they might not be a good design partner for you.

Look for a team that wakes up in the morning excited to break ground and who are always thinking about how they could create an even more remarkable landscape.

6. Tailor Their Services to You

It’s incredible to have someone who’s a design visionary spearheading your project, but if you have ideas, make sure they’re heard and incorporated!

The designer might have a different direction that you imagined, so ensure you’re clear and direct about what you want to see in the landscape design plans.

Avoid a company who says, “We can’t do that” and instead, look for one that says, “Great. I’ll draft/add/remember that!” or “I can’t do that, but I know someone who can— we can make it happen.” Those humble enough to admit their limitations but offer additional options are the best landscapers to work with.

7. Know A Thing or Two About Landscape Construction

It’s not always required, but it sure helps to turn to a team who knows a thing or two about construction.

Many design projects involve hardscape or softscape services, and having to coordinate with a yard designer and a separate construction crew can lead to costly disconnects and extra headaches.

Look for a landscape designer that has the right connections or rely on a trusted, full-service landscaping company.

Looking to Revamp Your Landscape?

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