Happy Spring! At Green Sphere Lawn, we’re gearing up for the upcoming season and will be ready to go as soon as the snow piles are gone! We’re proud to offer Newburyport lawn care that also includes lawn mold prevention. Learn tips, tricks, and more about both moles and mold by reading more below! 

Start of Spring

For most of our current customers, our Green Sphere Lawn fertilization schedule begins with our ‘wake-up’ fertilizer to kick start your lawn. This fertilizer helps push root growth to help prepare it for the upcoming summer stresses. Additionally, this fertilizer is low in nitrogen (to help prevent excessive springtime vertical growth) but rich in other nutrients to help promote lateral shoot growth, which helps give you the dense, weed-resistant lawn that we are all striving for. For any of you planning on seeding areas of the lawn on your own this spring, please keep in mind that the 2nd Step fertilizer has a preventative crabgrass control that will inhibit seed germination.

Prepare Your Yard

As the snow recedes and spring lawn care approaches, you may start to experience mole problems that can pop up in your yard. You could start to see some tunneling around your lawn among other common signs of moles. The presence of moles is commonly associated with a problematic grub population, but this is not always the case. Mole tunnels can easily be tamped back down by foot with the tire of a lawnmower while the ground is still soft. Green Sphere Lawn does not do any mole remediation, and in general, moles are not a big nuisance. However, if you’re in search of Newburyport lawn care or have any questions, reach out today

Snow Molds

A few turf diseases are active in the late winter and early spring, the most common are Pink Snow Mold and Gray Snow Mold.

Pink Snow Mold

Pink Snow Mold is typically reddish or pink patches that are 2-10 inches in diameter, which can grow together to form larger damaged areas. This disease remains active in cold, damp conditions and does not need snow cover to be active. Fungicides are only needed in extreme cases, usually, the weather conditions warm up enough to suppress disease activity. The remaining damaged areas disappear as the lawn begins growing again.

Gray Snow Mold

As the snow melts, if you see patches of grayish/tan matted turf in circular patches, then you most likely had an outbreak of Gray Snow Mold. This disease is active underneath the snow cover. Fungicides are not needed to control this disease. The affected grass blades should be raked out to make room for fresh new springtime growth.

Spring Lawn Care

Lastly, as with our spring lawn care and fertilizer program, our tick and mosquito control applications as well as our plant health care treatments will begin as soon as the weather allows! Whether lawn mold prevention or overall lawn care, Green Sphere Lawn can help. We are proud to be your Newburyport lawn care company and offer superior customer service with exceptional results. 

If you’re searching for a Newburyport landscaper that provides exceptional lawn care or lawn mold prevention, look no further! Green Sphere Lawn is proud to offer exceptional Newburyport lawn care. Get a free quote today and prepare your lawn for the season with ease!