As the winter season subsides, we’re all gearing up to spend time outside. However, cold Massachusetts temperatures likely took a toll on your turf — and now is the time to give it the TLC it needs. Welcome spring graciously this year with these five important spring lawn care tips:

1. Clean-Up in Early Spring

Over the wintertime, debris may have collected on your lawn, such as fallen branches and rogue leaves from late last season. Give your property a once-over in April and give it a proper clean-sweep. This includes keeping an eye out for dead grass or “thatch.” This dead grass can accumulate and form a home for pests and/or mold growth.

Early Spring is a good time to aerate specific patches of thatch, which allows your grass to be oxygenated, or seed turf spots damaged by salt or snow plows. However, we typically recommend Massachusetts homeowners wait until the Fall to do thorough aeration and overseeding.

2. Fertilize Monthly Until Early Summer

Harsh winters are rough on even the healthiest of lawns. All season long, your grass was dormant and relied on fall food storage to survive the cold. As temperatures climb, Mother Nature tells your turf it’s wake up time. It’s during this period that your grass needs nutrients to grow strong and recover from any winter damage with some Spring grass treatments.

In Massachusetts, late April is usually an ideal time to begin laying down your first round of lawn fertilizer. From that time forward, we recommend nourishing your turf with fertilizer once a month through June. This routine Spring lawn care practice gives your lawn three bursts of nutrients to survive hot, dry summers.

With the initial treatment, we recommend pairing your fertilizer with pre-emergent herbicides to prevent crabgrass growth. Hit this crabgrass early, or else it can consume your lawn and steal nutrients from your grass. Read our Weeding & Feeding 101 article for help choosing the right herbicide and fertilizer. The wrong chemicals can kill your lawn, quickly, so don’t be afraid to reach out with questions about choosing the right product.

3. Start Planting

One of the best parts of springtime is enjoying the beautiful colors and smells of fresh flowers. April is usually a great time for Massachusetts homeowners to start seeding early Spring annuals like pansies. Beginning in May, temperatures are usually in the high 60s, making it the perfect time to prep your garden beds for growth by laying down compost mid-month.

In late May, the spring planting window is open for trees, shrubs, and perennials. Plant your favorites and watch your property come to life. The Center for Agriculture offers some advice for spring planting in our region, including tips for checking soil temperature and more. For New England-style homes, complement your rich plants with these creative landscape ideas.

4. Pest Control from Spring Until September

In the same way which your grass was dormant all winter, so were bugs and other critters. As warmer weather beckons, insects and moles make a home in your yard — and they’re hungry! Not only can they eat and destroy your vegetation, but pests like mosquitos and ticks can bite your family members and pets, potentially causing illness.

Our Green Sphere team recommends beginning applying organic tick and mosquito treatments in late April for Massachusetts residents. Apply it once a month or every six weeks until the end of October. Our natural solution is made with Cedar oil, which is safe to use around children and pets. Read our article on tick control and natural repellents to keep pests at bay from spring throughout summer, without exposing yourself to harmful chemicals.

5. Wait to Mow Until Grass Grows

Fertilizing gives your lawn the juice it needs to start growing, but mowing too early post-winter can be your turf’s undoing. If you agitate the grass before it has a chance to deeply rooted, you can kill it.

For those in Massachusetts, late April is usually an appropriate time to fire up your lawnmower for the first spring trim. Perhaps a better indicator is the height of your new grass. Be sure it’s at least 3 inches tall before mowing.

Because your grass is using most of its energy in the Spring to grow, now is an important time to follow these turf tips. Spring lawn care, like using proper mowing patterns, sharpening your brands, and grasscycling, can all make a big difference in cultivating a lush, green lawn.

Maintain a Stunning Property All Year Long

Pick a few sunny days to get outside and get started on these spring lawn care tips! Early April through June is a lively time of the year, where you can really set up your property for success throughout both the summer and fall.

The problem is, it can be hard to remember when to do all this stuff.

Ensure your landscape is stunning year-round by contacting the friendly and professional team at Green Sphere! Our lawn professionals can help your lawn be as healthy as possible, and make your yard the envy of your neighborhood. Schedule services today!