There’s nothing like the marriage of clean white siding and rustic elegance.

Because of their simplistic beauty and functionality, these New England style homes were popular throughout all of America’s architectural history.

Whether it’s the balanced symmetry of the Cape Cod style or the spacious porches and protruding bays of Shingle style homes, vintage variations of this sort still line the coast of Massachusetts today.

Complement your New England style home with some classic landscaping ideas:

Keep Your Porch Simple & Elegant

New Englander style home owners embrace empty space in their presentation. Regardless of the porch size, ensure your landing is free of excessive decorations. Elegant Georgian styles have a lot to show off without fancy additions, so keep your deck simple and clean.

Frame Your Entryway

Oftentimes, Georgian or Adam-Federal style colonial homes feature small porches with decorative overhangs. To bring attention to your doorway, top your covered entrance with a fanlight or place small potted plants next to your doormat.

Lead the Eye with Climbing Porch Vines

Dutch Colonial homes often boast beautiful second-floor dormer windows, while New England Shingle homes have their unique rounded towers. Lead the eye up to these stunning features with some drabbed vines— but make sure you keep them manicured. Climbing plants can easily turn from elegant to unruly if not property cared for.

Get a Potting Shed, Garden Storage Unit or Greenhouse

For those in pursuit of the perfect potting shed, look for storage pieces that compliment your particular New England style home. For example, Dutch Colonial owners love small wooden storage units while unique coastal rounded style greenhouses match well with Shingle owner’s irregular shaped structures. Whatever your theme, there’s a functional and aesthetically pleasing storage option for you.

Set up an Off-Porch Sitting Area

During the summertime, Massachusetts’s locals experience warm coastal weather. What better way to enjoy it than with a small patio set? Tuck a table with two chairs into an alcove in your backyard. Keep in in view of your birdbath to enjoy them splashing around with a cool afternoon drink and a good book. You can add a fire pit to this area to create an outdoor room for use after dark.

Avoid Enclosures

Colonial style homes rely on symmetry, and when it comes to landscaping, open plants visually complement this look. Instead of boxing in your flower beds, maintain sharp standing plants that create the illusion of height without the need for edging. Remember, open and inviting.

Upcycle a Pallet Pot Hanger

The gable style of Cape Cod or Adam-Federal homes invite some rustic roots. Use pallets to create a potted plant hanger to lean against the back of your house. During the summer, this is the perfect spot to plant herbs to add a fresh taste to your dinner.

Lay Down a Stone Walkway

You’ll often see that Massachusetts Dutch Colonial homes incorporate stone or brick features. A smooth rock walkway can complement your clapboard siding while leading guests to your private garden. Lay down stepping stones to invite strollers to your favorite landscape focal point.

Add a Garden Arbor

Many New England style home owners avoid placing garden arbors or trellises near their front porch so they can show off their decorative doors; however, arbors can be rather classy backyard additions. Pick a bright white structure or a coastal wood to stand tall over your best walkway.

Plant Green Wherever You Can

One thing all New England style homes have in common is embracing greenery. Whether it’s a luscious lawn or tall foliage and trees, these two-story houses look great with some coastal brush. Borrowing from your Rhode Island neighbors, plant some Pachysandra to surround your flowers in their beds. It grows terrific in areas of dabbled sun or under shady trees.

Garnish with Rustic Accents

When most people think of “rustic,” the word cozy comes to mind. New England style Dutch Colonials often have roofs reminiscent of barns, so imagine ways to complement this wooden look. Place a white-washed watering can next to your potted plants or add a wooden lattice in the backyard to adorn woven vines.

Increase Your Home Value!

All of these landscaping tips certainly help draw eyes to your beautiful New England home. If you’re searching for more ways to improve your look, check out our Ultimate Guide to Curb Appeal. Our handy guide includes six detailed ways to instantly increase your property and home value.

For those looking to impress their neighbors with a well-manicured lawn, download our 12-Month Massachusetts Home Landscape Calendar for a monthly schedule to maintain your coastal kingdom.